Warsaw Equity Partners provides transaction advisory services tailored to the individual needs of its clients. We specialize in advising on all types of private capital transactions, in particular, the purchase and sale of companies and securing financing for company’s development.

Transaction Advisory Services for Institutional Financial Investors
We get hired by financial investors, for which we are looking for interesting investment opportunities in Poland. The investors we primarily work with are private equity funds that do not have offices in the region of Central and Eastern Europe or have limited local capacity, as well as high net worth individuals. Depending on the needs of investors, we provide comprehensive advisory services encompassing entire transaction process, as well as services in a narrower range of the selected parts of the transaction process.


Transaction Advisory Services for Business Owners

Capital Raising for the Company or its Owners

We help businesses owners find investors who will provide necessary financing associated with the development of the company. We assure to reach a wide range of entities potentially interested in such an investment – both institutional financial investors as well as wealthy private investors and mezzanine funds. We can provide comprehensive coordination of the whole process of obtaining financing, in particular, obtaining for our clients optimal transaction conditions, monitoring the due diligence process, negotiating transaction documents and transaction closing. We have worked with a number of private equity funds active on the Polish market – among others – Advent International, BBI Capital, Icentis Capital, Enterpise Investors, Krokus, Mid Europa Partners, Taiga Mistral and V4C. By knowing the advantages and limitations of this type of investors, we are able to negotiate the optimal transaction terms for our clients.

Sale of Business

We have extensive transaction experience in the sale of all or partial sale of shares in companies.

Selling a company is a complicated process and is often emotional due to the natural identification of the owner with the business, so every transaction is preceded by a thorough discussion with the client regarding the expected results, preferred types of investors to be approached and the structure of the transaction. We coordinate the entire transaction process, enabling company’s owners and management to focus on current operations.

Transaction Advisory Services for Management Boards interested in company buyout (MBO).

We have experience in buyout transactions by the management board. We know financial investors interested in this type of investments (the involvement of external financial investors is usually necessary due to the limited financial capacity of the management team) as well as the requirements of banks that provide debt financing.

Our own equity investments (Pre-IPO)

We are interested in making equity investments in companies that are looking to go public on the Warsaw Stock Exchange or New-Connect market within 2 years. The financing takes the form of pre-IPO investment, realized by means of acquisition of shares in a company by the Warsaw Equity Partners or entity associated with it. We are primarily interested in companies showing dynamic growth perspective and managed by experienced and motivated management teams.

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